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Watch the `law` tear his house apart in the usual flagrant, pathetic, desperate manner all to no avail.



All Hail the Civil Serf

March 25, 2008

It would appear that nom de plume Civil Serf has vanished from the `blogosphere`.

The Civil Serf, according to numerous sources including the Times and The Register was a 33 year old Civil Servant working in Whitehall, who, get this, had some integrity and a great deal of contempt for the bumbling zealots who surrounded her. It is crystal clear just how damaging (and accurate) many of her writings were, and this has been magnified by the incredible urgency and efficiency with which these articles have been pulled from the Internet as a whole. Quite some achievement – see what THEY CAN achieve if THEY ACTUALLY TRY…. incredible…If anyone has offline copies, which I’m quite sure they do, please send through to me at Yahweh@hush.ai, cheers. I have pulled together a few bits and pieces (you have to love the wayback web archive project) but as I said, much is no longer available. Simon Dickson who runs the (excellently named) Puffbox.com now also edits http://civilserf.blog.co.uk/

Story here ; http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/03/25/civil_serf_blogger_suspended/