Because he was too worried about paperwork. What a complete asshole.

When Paul Taylor, prosecuting for the RSPCA, asked Johnson whether he was responsible for the deaths of the two dogs, he replied: “My mental state at the time was causing these problems. I loved those dogs.” Yea, obviously. Not as much as you love wearing your shiny uniform and excercising your `power` over people though.

Reminds me of Doug Stanhope, when he did a charity gig for fallen police officers. Called Pigs in Blankets.  Funny shit.

The trial continues, but in the spirit of modern justice it seems only fair to spread his name everywhere as someone who is cruel to animals prior to any conviction. Pigs release details of people who are suspected or on trial to the media all the time now. Whether they have been proven guilty or not. How does trial by media feel eh piggy wiggy?