Farce as clowns get suspended…

May 14, 2009

Lord Truscott and Lord Taylor


Anyone who thinks that the law is not an ass and that the rules are made up by liars and thieves  as they go along should refer to the latest story about Lord Taylor and Lord Truscott, who unsuccessfully tried to take money in exchange for changing laws. As a punishment, they will be suspended from the house of lords (not literally, unfortunately) until the Autumn. Well boohoo…I bet that’s fucking awful for them. How will they cope? Obviously they’ll still get paid heaps of cash for various pointless things, but still.  My heart goes out to them. Especially Lord Truscott, with that shiny round boylike little face of his, but anyway I digress.

I would have thought changing laws for money would be a fairly serious offence, or a least should be. Not just something one can say, “oops, sorry I got caught” and get suspended from your job for a few months for.  You have to assume now that this kind of thing happens all the time, that most of our `laws` are just set up in the interests of a small handful of people like these two leeches and their acquaintances.

Though I must say it surprises me not one bit – and frankly anyone who doesn’t realise that 98% of us are being taken for a ride by 2% of them is a fucking loon.


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