Windows 7…

March 31, 2009

Oh look, it’s Vista 2.  I mean Windows 7.  Oh whatever, who cares?

You know why hardly anyone bothered to voluntarily upgrade to Vista? It’s because nobody needed it. The only people who upgraded voluntarily, and PAID money for the `privelege` were stupid/easily led people who thought it looked nice, and got excited by the transparent menus and thought it looked a bit like a Mac OS.  And bought the hype MS spend millions whipping up.  

Early operating systems in the 80’s were pretty unfriendly for your average Joe. But then, and partly consequently, your average Joe didn’t use computers, unless they really had to. They were geeky and uncool, and very much tools you used if you had to (unless you were a geek/hacker). So, there was a NEED for improvement, for the interface to improve, functionality to be expanded and so on. There were a steady stream of genuine, tangible improvements in the UIs of OSs right up until, oh, say, Windows XP in the Microsoft world, and others historically less well funded/marketed are now are catching up in terms of stability and useability.   

Windows XP, Service Pack 2, is/was, arguably, the pinacle of home/end user OS’s. It VERY VERY rarely hangs up/crashes, it is fairly efficient and modest  in terms of hardware requirements, and, well, it just works. It works well for gaming, video, business. Its performance/hardware ratio is great. Then we have Vista which lacks any purpose whatsoever, other than making money for MS. It has stupendous, retarded hardware requirements so that it can do loads of shit that noone but the most challenged of people cares for.  This is why most sensible thinking people completely ignored it, and MS had to resort to coercion to shift it (getting it on all prebuilt PCs) and so on.   

When I am presented with a piece of hardware unfortunate enough to have Vista preinstalled, the first thing I do is cleanse it, and get XPSP2 on there. You guarantee a faster, more stable system, period.

Inevitably there will come a time when MS has strongarmed W7 sufficiently that all developers and so on will be building apps which will no longer run on XP, and so gradually everyone will inevitably be forced to upgrade, but that could take some time. I for one will be using XP for many years to come, along with Linux variants and DOS based systems.


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