Jacqui Smiths husband…

March 30, 2009

…knocking one out over some porn flicks payed for by us, the taxpayers,  whilst beautifully ironic and delicious, is not important at all – but see how much excitement, chatter and indignation it generates amongst the flock. I assure you she couldn’t give a  toss (pardon the pun) about what us little people think about this story, if it’s even true. There are MANY other things she would much rather we weren’t discussing.

This will make no difference to her career whatsoever.

Just take the time to actually look somewhere other than the BBC/mainstream news puddle, and you will find far far worse – things with which we should be really concerned and outspoken about.

As Noam Chomsky said ; “When the press focuses on the sex lives of politicians, reach for your pocket, and see who’s pulling out your wallet.”

But no, it’s Brand / Ross moral bandwagon retardation all over again.

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