February 2, 2009

Also worth looking here > http://trifinite.org/ and RFIdiots.org, which seems to be (temporarily?) down ATM.

No doubt this “news” will truly dismay all the muppets who suck up all of the horsesh*t that spews from Brown, Smith, et al.  Again, and for the final time, you soporific morons. The reason it’s possible is because the `state` doesn’t give a crap about your security. It only cares about it’s own, oh and making a bunch more money. Secure. Ahahaha. Like biometric ID. “Secure” – Ahahahaha. It’s a blame/risk transfer thing – like `chip and spin` – if you get ripped off it’s your fault because you didn’t protect `your` PIN. Not every time, but increasingly…it get’s the banks out of having to compensate. Fucking apalling that these c*nts have the audacity to force us all to carry ID cards (which WILL be mandatory at ALL times, mark my words, even if not at outset….softly softly)  “We” have no choice. We are/will be coerced, and then forced (with the threat of imprisonment, no doubt) to carry these cards, and then “We” will be blamed when inevitably they get scammed. Worse still, the c*nts expect us to PAY FOR THIS SHIT OURSELVES. Anyone who can’t see through this absolute scam must be a complete f*cking idiot. Tell you what, I don’t need any new ID thanks, I’m just fine. And I’m certainly not paying this bunch of vipers and thieves a penny – they can take it from the other tax they thieve from me already if they must, instead of spunking it on weapons to murder peasants in impoverished countries…


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