November 14, 2008

Throughout the months of the form-filling, multi-agency meetings, best practice compliance, box-ticking and associated politically correct bullshit, didn’t even one individual from any of the various involved agencies but especially Social Services, look at that screaming, damaged little kid and think ‘I may lose my job for this but I’m having that kid out of here now’ ? Presumably not … because that would require some fucking backbone.

Just two days before his death, Baby P was taken to see Dr Zayyat. During the trial at the Old Bailey, jurors were told Dr Zayyat did not spot the fact the child had a broken back and nine broken ribs. Instead, she noted that he was “miserable”and had a cold and sent him home.

Perhaps Dr Zayyat needs a broken spine and nine broken ribs, to realise what mood that kind of injury can put a human being in. Unbelievable.


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