17 month old tortured and killed…

November 11, 2008

Jason Owen


I would not normally comment on something of this nature. However, I admit – this has got to me.

This is one of the very few types of crime for which I do believe the perpetrators deserve to be relieved of their lives – by the state or the people, either way.

The social workers are clearly either seriously negligent or sickeningly inept and obtuse. I really cannot believe they (amongst others) received formal warnings. What a fucking joke. Read the details, see what the court saw, and tell me in all honesty that these apparent `oversights` can in any way be forgiven. Everyone involved should be facing criminal proceedings to varying extents. Two days before Baby P died, and while suffering a broken back, hospital paediatrician Dr Sabah Al-Zayyat decided not to examine him because she thought the baby was ‘miserable and cranky’. What a fucking moron. Inexcusable. Look at the state of the kids head, you fucking sack of shit. Or was it just too much effort?

Apparently the guy who inflicted the (vast majority) of the injuries including the fatal ones is and has been for some time on the run. Can’t think why. He seems so decent. Let’s all hope they catch him one day and seperate him limb from limb, and relish it just as much as he did.

Read the depressing details of this poor little fuckers fate here and elsewhere >


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