October 28, 2008

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The mainstream media has finally begun to pick up on the appalling Communications Data Bill, which NO2ID has been warning people about since the summer, and before.

As usual, the government is misdirecting the argument. It says it won’t be storing the content of your telephone or internet use, as if that makes it all right. It is proposing to record – for life – the details of everyone you call or write to and what websites you visit.

Monitoring your communications is more intrusive than searching your home. It should only ever be done under warrant, with good reason. The general convenience of the Home Office is a very bad reason indeed.

Do you want the state (and anyone who can gain access to the system) to have a record of your religious and political beliefs, your sexual interests and relationships, your financial and medical worries – “just in case” they ever become of interest to the authorities? Were an individual to spy on you like this, it would be called stalking. It is a crime.

You wouldn’t tolerate someone creeping into your home at any time, night and day, to go through your and your family’s private things. You shouldn’t put up with this.

Write NOW to your MP, expressing your disgust at the British government moving to spying on its people continually, and ask what he or she intends to do about it. (N.B. Please write in your own words – it is much more effective.)

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