Ross & Brand V Sachs…

October 31, 2008


Apparently there are a lot of people out there (at least 30,000 odd so far if you believe a word in the papers) who feel this `event` is worthy of some kind of attention. These are the same people who seem to be remarkably silent over anything which is truly worthy of outrage, like, oh I don’t know, our Government and Banking institutions thieving from us of late in what amounts to the largest transfer of wealth from the (already) poor to the rich, or say, murdering foreign women and children (almost a million last count) in their own country, all to make a quick couple of billion. These simpletons don’t have an opinion when it comes to that. Too much to process.


Are your lives that fucking empty you need to whip yourselves into a frenzy over a couple of nobodies leaving a message on a nobodies answerphone? Apparently so.  Mind you, papers like the Guardian (and to be fair, all the others) don’t help when they chip into the group wank with preciously retarded shit like “Timeline: ‘Sachsgate’ “…and “Full coverage of the Brand-Ross affair ” – RREEEEEEEEEEETARDS…

Edit: Also people commenting on how their “license fee” is being used to facilitate “this kind of thing”. Fuck…. I don’t hear many of you bitching about (considerably larger amounts) of your money (stolen in the form of taxes) being spunked on the military to rape and pillage foreign lands, resulting in streams of the most horrific injuries and deaths, so some asshat can get a backhander from some other asshat so he can afford more private jets, cocaine and whores to abuse… (mind you I expect thost last two things would upset – drugs and sex – holy fucking mother of god no…) 

Also, I don’t hear anyone denying that Brand fucked that Georgie. So did he? Are there pictures? Can I see them?


October 28, 2008

Centuries of British civil liberties risk being broken by the relentless pressure from the ‘security state’, the country’s top prosecutor has warned.

Outgoing Director of Public Prosecutions Sir Ken Macdonald warned that the expansion of technology by the state into everyday life could create a world future generations “can’t bear”.

In his wide-ranging speech, Sir Ken appeared to condemn a series of key Government policies, attacking terrorism proposals – including 42 day detention – identity card plans and the “paraphernalia of paranoia”.

Instead, he said, the Government should insist that “our rights are priceless” and that: “The best way to face down those threats is to strengthen our institutions rather than to degrade them.”

The intervention will be seen as a significant setback to Home Secretary Jacqui Smith who last week saw her plans to lock up terror suspects for 42 days before being charged thrown out by the House of Lords.

It is also a blow to Miss Smith’s plans for a super-database to record the details of millions of people’s online presence, including emails, SMS messages and Facebook profiles as well as the controversial identity card programme.

Plans to introduce ID cards have been attacked by Cambridgeshire County Council.

Councillors said the scheme – which the Government claims will boost national security – would be as much use for protecting Cambridgeshire residents from terrorism as “chocolate teapots”.

The council resolved to make representations “at every possible stage” reiterating its opposition and will not require ID cards to be produced when residents access services.

Cambridgeshire County Conuncil in the latest in a long list of councils to pass such a motion; a partial list is available here.


October 28, 2008

From comment


The mainstream media has finally begun to pick up on the appalling Communications Data Bill, which NO2ID has been warning people about since the summer, and before.

As usual, the government is misdirecting the argument. It says it won’t be storing the content of your telephone or internet use, as if that makes it all right. It is proposing to record – for life – the details of everyone you call or write to and what websites you visit.

Monitoring your communications is more intrusive than searching your home. It should only ever be done under warrant, with good reason. The general convenience of the Home Office is a very bad reason indeed.

Do you want the state (and anyone who can gain access to the system) to have a record of your religious and political beliefs, your sexual interests and relationships, your financial and medical worries – “just in case” they ever become of interest to the authorities? Were an individual to spy on you like this, it would be called stalking. It is a crime.

You wouldn’t tolerate someone creeping into your home at any time, night and day, to go through your and your family’s private things. You shouldn’t put up with this.

Write NOW to your MP, expressing your disgust at the British government moving to spying on its people continually, and ask what he or she intends to do about it. (N.B. Please write in your own words – it is much more effective.)

Jörg Haider who was Governor of Carinthia on two separate occasions, and an incredibly smug looking twat, not to mention being a complete cunt – has died in a car accident. It would appear the monkey was pissed and speeding (1) – ahahaha – what a cunt!.

Ah well, one down, several more to go.


(1) – Jörg Haider tödlich verunglückt” (in German). Österreichischer Rundfunk (200810-12). Retrieved on 200810-13

See previous story about how this bunch of jumped up retards manged to kill 4 kids out of a total of 8 “targets”. Or did they just think, fuck them, foreign cunts anyway? Eh? I wonder… still I suppose it stops them growing up into “terrorists”. Or anything at all.  

I guess when they say these guys were “Special” Forces, it was in the same way we have “Special” needs and “Special” schools.

What a bunch of prize fucking morons. Still, job well done eh lads?