Bush tells it like it is…we’re gonna take more…

September 25, 2008

…of your money to bail out our obscenely wealthy buddies. Fuck, if just a couple of those freaks clubbed together they could probably save their own bacon. $700 billion? I reckon between Cheney, Bernanke and a couple of others they could do it, and probably not even feel the pinch too much… hell, they sure don’t keep their wealth in the US or in Dollars…LOL…


” While he was Governor of Texas, Bush turned down every plea for mercy from death row inmates. He killed them all, guilty, innocent, mentally ill, juveniles, the lot. But now a plea from the mega-rich to allow them to continue robbing us blind and allow us the privelege of paying for them to do so has moved him to pity. Pity the poor bankers! Now get back to work, peasant, you’ve got a lot of tax to pay for this handout. Should have put your assets in the Cayman Islands like these clever fellows! That way you pay no tax and the little people are there to bail you out when your greed and decadence reaches depths unseen since the fall of the Roman empire. ” RoosterBooster98 from comments page

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