“Even if George Bush was only guilty of making an innocent mistake in taking this nation to war in Iraq, not murder as I firmly believe, with all of the death, horror and suffering he has caused, what type of a monstrous individual is it who could be happy with his life? What type of a human monster is George Bush?…
…If I ever killed one person in my life, even accidentally – a car accident – I’d never have another perfect day as long as I lived. George Bush is responsible for the horrible deaths of thousands of human beings and he is talking about having a perfect day. Bush’s plans to have a perfect day right in the middle of all the death and horror in Iraq goes so far beyond acceptable human conduct that no moral telescope can discern its shape, form and nature,” – Bugliosi on Bush.

A good example of the very real, valid and important events which take place every day, which virtually ALL of the mainstream media do their best to simply avoid. You have to ask yourself why.

Bugliosi concluded his discussion with the promise that he will pursue first-degree murder charges against President Bush and will not rest until the president is indicted.

“I don’t like to see anyone get away with murder, even one murder. [O.J.] Simpson got away with two murders and I got so angry that I wrote a book – Outrage, the Five Reasons O.J. Simpson got away with murder,” Bugliosi said. “If I can get so angry about someone getting away with one or two murders you can imagine how I feel about George Bush who has gotten away with over 100,000 murders and has been smiling and enjoying himself throughout the whole period. It may sound presumptuous of me but I can tell you that while I may not succeed, I’m not going to be satisfied until I see George Bush in an American courtroom being prosecuted for first degree murder.

If justice means anything at all in America, if we are not going to forget about those 4,000 young American soldiers who came back from Bush’s war in a box, I say we have no choice but to bring murder charges against the son of privilege from Crawford, Texas.”

Full thing here >



Taken from www.craigmurray.org.uk, by Craig Murray. 

Consider it a Babelfish translation of what the gimp actually meant


My Fellow Americans,

It grieves me to see the livelihood of decent ordinary Americans, folk who pay off their mortgages and file their tax returns every April 15, threatened by the behaviour of irresponsible people in the financial sector. That is why I am planning to take the money away from ordinary Americans and give it to those irresponsible people. Because capitalism and democracy is the best system of government in the world, and you can’t have capitalism without irresponsible people in the financial sector.

In normal circumstances I believe that companies which are managed badly should be allowed to go bust. But these are not normal circumstances. The market is not working, as people have lost confidence in the system. That is why, so that ordinary decent people will still be able to get credit to buy homes and pay their children through college, I must take all their money and give it to these very well paid people who mismanaged their companies. Because these are not ordinary people in normal circumstances who use monkey wrenches and stuff and can be allowed to lose their jobs as firms go bust. These are rich folk like me. Society needs rich folk, so unless you give away all your money to these very rich people now, you will end up poor and without a pension and you will die alone and miserable.
This is not like taking money for medical insurance or welfare. I can assure you none of this money will be wasted on poor people, and hardly any of it on black people. So unless we build a bipartisan consensus and you give all your money to me to redistribute to the extremely rich, the plain truth is you will end up poor.

Thank you.

George W Bush

Post-Oil Man…

September 28, 2008

ANPR UK Supplier, PIPS…

September 28, 2008

So in a few months, every journey you make in your car or on your motorbike will be recorded and stored for 5 years. I’m not going to get into whether I believe it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but it’s certainly a BIG thing, which they’ve ploughed a lot of our hard earned money into and something which, again, the mainstream media are not exactly shouting about.  If it’s such a good thing, why not? Surely it’ll catch loads of terrorists/criminals, no?

PIPS is the Governments spyware vendor of choice, you can find out more about them below, if you are so inclined.


Indeed ,couldn’t agree more…hahaha…

Charlie Brooker…

September 28, 2008

I have, for many years now, been a fan of the misanthropic misery bucket Charlie Brooker.

For those of you who have never heard of him, it would not be unreasonable to describe him as the Anti-Murdoch – assuming that Murdoch and his minions stand for vacuous, vapid inanity and peddling opinion/marketing dressed up as `news`.  He has the rare talent of being able to articulately and incisively cut through the raw vapid bullshit that is (modern) television, and no, the irony is never lost on him. He used to have a column in the Guardian called `Screen Burn`, not sure if he still does. Have a look, find out, if you are so inclined.

 Below is the first episode of the TV based equivalent, Screen Wipe.  Enjoy, there are many more if you enjoy this…