Environmental Audit Committee

May 30, 2008

This bunch of idiotic zealots are pushing for a PCA, or “Personal Carbon Allowance” for the little people. What this means, in a nutshell, is that you will be rationed on how much energy you as an individual can consume.

It has been rebuffed for now, but Tim Yeo expounds the virtues of such an oppressive system, lauding the potential for “engagement”, which will “increase awareness” of energy consumption – what the Tyndall Centre calls “carbon consciousness” – which in turn would “spearhead behavioural change”. According to the MPs, “awareness is crucial if behaviours are to change.”

Be interesting to see how this affects the wealthy, if at all, and how many loopholes and workarounds there will be for them.

Save the planet, fuck the people seems to be the message these days. I’m sure many of these loons considered Hitler to be on the right path with his Eugenics programme.  Nazi Germany did wonders for the human races global carbon footprint, I’m sure.

Malthus et al would have been proud.



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