Blue Planet in Green Shackles

May 30, 2008

Get it, if you can that is… Written by Czech Republic’s President, Vaclav Klaus, who actually has some scientific qualification! (Having spent most of his life at the Czech Academy of Sciences). He also worked at Prognostics at the Academy of Science. His professional expertise is in looking at scientific theories, understanding their implication/s, and then evaluating their long-term economic impact.

This means that President Klaus, more than any other world leader today, is eminently qualified to assess the IPCC report, both in what it says and in what the ‘remedial measures’ currently being implemented will have.

Guess what? His book is almost impossible to get hold of! Weird eh!? Give it a shot… send it to your local journos…

* ISBN: 1889865095
* ISBN-13: 9781889865096
* Format: Paperback, 100pp
* Pub. Date: May 2008




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