ACTA…from the minds of vipers and thieves…

May 28, 2008

Welcome to serfdom 21st century style. Here comes a new dark age fuelled and funded by grotesque fatcat businessmen who would willingly starve the meek, trample the downtrodden, fund the whoremongers/warmongers and call them just.

They destroy creativity, stifle innovation, strongarm laws through national courts with lobbyists that detract from the quality of life of the normal person and call it justice. Burn them all.

Conform Obey Consume Die.

Stopping the copying of songs, movies and software action list:

DRM technology – didn’t work

Making special CDs – didn’t work

Suing everyone ever – didn’t work

Arresting people – didn’t work

Making laws – didn’t work

Making extra-territorial laws – didn’t work

Making enormous global laws – hmmm….mmmkay, let’s see…

Seriously, anti-BT tracker? Fuck off…. what fuckwits use P2P these days anyway?!

Oh and LAN parties?! Hello?! People seem to forget that the internet is not THAT unique….it’s just the largest single entity network around…fuck it…USB, Bluetooth, long range wireless, cd burners and snailmail even… So let’s not be down eh, it won’t make the slightest bit of difference to anyone who isn’t completely stupid.


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