Virgin CEO Berk speaks…

April 20, 2008

” This net neutrality thing is a load of b****cks “

Virgin Berk

Really, Neil Berkett? Let’s see what your customers have to say about that shall we? Along with Virgins’ less than transparent implementation of Phorm user snooping technology (do you have an official statement on whether or not you employ such systems currently or have plans to in the near future?)

Virgin Media, according to Royal Television Society’s magazine, has said that it will charge content providers (does this mean ANY web site?) for “high speed” access to its customers. Interesting. Is this the end of the internet? If this is all encompassing, and does not just include things like high end video streams, and in fact is a hijacking internet by and for the increasingly gluttonous ISPs such as Virgin Media then it could well be. Is this tarrif charging going to be protocol or bandwidth based? Or some more complex combination of metrics?

Effectively what this will do is mean that increasingly we have an internet where only the super rich established media outlets can compete, marginalising or destroying altogether any kind of small start up or alternative media outlets alltogether, ultimately resulting in the sort of homogenous dross we accept as entertainment and “news” via our good old TV.

What a crock of shit. Fuck Virgin Media and the rest of their snake-like ilk (BT, Virgin et al)

I’m off to another, smaller and less greedy ISP elsewhere ASAP.


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