Phorm…the debacle continues

April 14, 2008

BT and Phorm have admitted to spying on some 36,000 individuals as part of their money chasing Phorm trial. They assure people it was `legal` (what isn’t if you have enough money or the right connections?) but surprisingly they can’t give exact details on anything. Now as it’s BT we are talking about, I can quite believe that is not a cover – they really are that fucking incompetent. Doubtlessly anyone they collaborate with (like Phorm, for example) are equally useless. Pretty much the whole NHS IT network is contained within a BT `managed cloud` called N3 – feel good about the security of your medical records yet? Have a think about it.  All of our eggs are in their basket.  

Anyway the RAS involved in the 2007 Phorm trial seems likely to have been Kingston RAS given the geographic locations of the various people who know they were part of it. Here’s a list of the actual exchanges that feed their PPPoA into Kingston RAS :



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