April 5, 2008

… we should be looking to systems where once you earn a given amount, you should become ineligible for socialised support of any kind, with the exception of healthcare. It’s like MPs receiving tens of thousands a year – £70,000 in “expenses” which are taken from every working persons pocket. We are paying for their TV licenses, flights around the world, hotels, drink, food, entertainment…these people already earn hundreds of thousands a year, some considerably more than that. This is clearly not right, and it is of course only the tip of the iceberg, and it SHOULD bother most people. You spend a month working they effectively take 1/3 of the fruits of your labour, and do what with it, exactly? And it just gets worse, for apparent every tax cut there is something taken from somewhere else. It’s a little more all the time. You work harder, they make more money. And this is all before I even touch on the whole collusion with private enterprise/corporations.

The problem with this of course is that that those very people who ultimately make the laws and control which taxes we have are also those who reap the rewards of the taxes – income tax, VAT, “death duty” in the UK – it is unlikely that they will do anything against their own interests unless under duress.


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