Video Codecs, VC1…

April 3, 2008

Just found the solution to a problem I have been experiencing with video files not playing (could not find filter for pins, codec required issue) and after a little hunting around found that what I needed was the VC1 (WVC1)

WVC1 is Microsoft’s new implementation of Advanced Profile, now compliant with the SMPTE VC-1 spec. It will replace WMVA as the codec and 4cc for WMV Advanced Profile videos….yawn…more pointless updates just for the sake of keeping things new and marketable.

What a fucking pain in the arse.  I still find all the old codecs sufficient, just more bullshit, bigger files, more restrictions no doubt, less freedom for the consumer more protections for the pusher, erm I mean vendor. Please, noone start going on about how much different these piddling incremental changes are, such as 1080p v 1080i …blatant grotesque  money chasing…FFS..let the cash cows graze a little longer…are the consumers lives so empty and devoid of real meaning they actually care about such barely tangible differences in a crappy television picture, which by and large these days, is displaying some boring recycled  obsolete mindless drivel comparable with U.S TV, anyway… I think we need to put a little more thought into the content of programming, and concern ourselves a little less with the `improving` trivial aesthetics and technicalities for the sake of making a few more quid- IMNSHO.


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