George Monbiot

April 30, 2008

Have recently come across George Monbiot – a mainstream journalist who seems not to have had all of his objectivity and critical thinking erroded away by the current vaccuous political climate in which we currently live. I have just read this, which I feel deserves to be linked and so, accordingly, here it is…

and this


The hills are alive…

April 30, 2008


Dr Rant..

April 30, 2008

Cracking blog from another voice of reason from within the NH(mes)S – this time a GP.

Although I must say, whilst is, of course, a debacle for many reasons – the alternative (AKA ADAM) is not a great deal better… and has been woefully mismanaged and sloppily implemented by all the usual overpaid, graduate fuckwits.

I urge you to visit

Because he speaks the truth and has insight, but primarily just because it’s fucking funny, confrontational and sublimely articulated ;) GO DR RANT!

April 26, 2008 ( is currently unavailable. Not sure why, will keep you posted.

‘Extreme porn’ law…

April 26, 2008

Are you one of those sheeple who sits at home safe and sound in the knowledge that you’ve got “nothing to hide” ? Well, hate to spoil your fantasy, but dig deep enough, look at enough detail, and most people have. Rather, if they DIDN’T have anything to hide 6 months ago, they may well do in the next 6. You see, having “nothing to hide” depends very much on what the law says at any given time, and as we have seen, when it suits those in power, laws can be created and modified almost overnight. It’s only when it is not in their interests that you hear things like “You can’t just change the law” and so on. You can, and they do, frequently and stealthily.

What a(nother) pile of shit spewed forth from the vile, peverse minds of Jacqui Smith et al.

Please, do let us all know exactly what constitutes “Extreme” because I don’t know…surely it is subjective, unless of course you are only talking about poeple being raped, penetrated without consent or say, being murdered during intercourse – that would seem  to qualify…but otherwise, this  seems to be an extremely dubious development from the new labia thought police.

Fantastic way to get people who are annoying. Well, if they can’t make up some flaky terrorist charge to get you, they will now take your porn and use that…jokers.

I can’t be fucked to write much on this – I think I’ll just ignore it and carry on as usual. Is it considered “extreme” to watch someone take a crap?

More here

” This net neutrality thing is a load of b****cks “

Virgin Berk

Really, Neil Berkett? Let’s see what your customers have to say about that shall we? Along with Virgins’ less than transparent implementation of Phorm user snooping technology (do you have an official statement on whether or not you employ such systems currently or have plans to in the near future?)

Virgin Media, according to Royal Television Society’s magazine, has said that it will charge content providers (does this mean ANY web site?) for “high speed” access to its customers. Interesting. Is this the end of the internet? If this is all encompassing, and does not just include things like high end video streams, and in fact is a hijacking internet by and for the increasingly gluttonous ISPs such as Virgin Media then it could well be. Is this tarrif charging going to be protocol or bandwidth based? Or some more complex combination of metrics?

Effectively what this will do is mean that increasingly we have an internet where only the super rich established media outlets can compete, marginalising or destroying altogether any kind of small start up or alternative media outlets alltogether, ultimately resulting in the sort of homogenous dross we accept as entertainment and “news” via our good old TV.

What a crock of shit. Fuck Virgin Media and the rest of their snake-like ilk (BT, Virgin et al)

I’m off to another, smaller and less greedy ISP elsewhere ASAP.

European Exchange Points

April 20, 2008

In the interests of gaining a better vantage point from which to understand the internet in its entirety, and the relationships and routes used between various nodes, please refer to the following list of European IX Points.  Topological Map coming soon…

European Exchange Points



Exchanges in Europe


VIX – Vienna Internet eXchange


BNIX – Belgium National Internet eXchange
FREEBIX – Free Belgium Internet eXchange




CIX – Croatian Internet eXchange

Czech Republik

Neutral Internet eXchange


CYIX – Cyprus Internet Exchange


DIX – Danish Internet eXchange


LINX – London Internet eXchange
LIPEX – London Internet Providers eXchange
LoNAP – London Network Access Point (now trailing multicast)
MaNAP – Manchester Network Access Point
Manchester Commercial Internet eXchange
RBIEX – Redbus Interhouse
SOVEX A Peering Exchange
UK6X – London IPv6 Exchnage – Closed
Xchangepoint – Multi-National


Elion TIX Tallinn Internet eXchange
Linxtelecom TLLIX – Tallinn Internet Exchange


FICIX Finnish Commercial Internet eXchange
Tampere Region Internet eXchange – TREX


EuroGix – A Peering Point
FNIX6- eXchange in Paris
FreeIX – A Free French eXchange
LYONIX – Lyon Internet eXchange
MAE – Paris
PARIX – A Paris Internet eXchange
PIES – Paris Internet eXchange Service
PIX – Paris Internet eXchange
POUIX – Paris Operators for Universal Internet eXchange
SFINX – Service for French Internet eXchange


BECIX – Berlin Internet eXchange
BCIX – Berlin Commercial Internet Exchange
DE-CIX – Deutsche Commercial Internet eXchange
ECIX – European Commercial Internet eXchange (formally BLNX) Berlin
ECIX – Dusseldorf
HHCIX – Hamburg
INXS – Munich and Hamburg
Franap – Frankfurt Network Access Point
KleyRex – Kleyer Rebstcker Internet eXchange (Frankfurt)
MAE – Frankfurt
MANDA – Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt
M-CIX – Munich Commercial Internet eXchange
N-IX – Nurnberger Internet eXchange
S-IX Stuttgarter Internet Exchange
Work-IX Peering Point – Hamburg
Xchangepoint – Multi-National


AIX – Athens Internet eXchange


BIX – Budapest Internet eXchange


RIX – Reykjavik Internet eXchange


INEX – Internet Neutral eXchange


MIXITA – Milan Internet eXchange
NaMex – Nautilus Mediterranean Exchange Point Rome
TOPIX – Torino Piemonte IX
TIX / Tuscany Internet eXchange


Latvian GIX


LIX – Luxembourg Internet eXchange


MIX – Malta Internet eXchange


AMS-IX – Amsterdam Internet eXchange
GN-IX Groningen Internet eXchange
NDIX – A Dutch German Internet eXchange
NL-IX – NL- Internet eXchange


NIX – Norwegian Internet eXchange


GIX – Polish Global Internet Exchange
KIX – Krakowski Internet Exchange
SIX Silesian Internet Exchange
WIX – Warsaw Internet eXchange
WRIX – Wroclaw Internet eXchange
SIMIX – Simbirsk Internet Exchange – Ulyanovsk Russia
GIGAPIX – Gigabit Portuguese Internet eXchange


BUHIX – Bucharest Internet eXchange
Ronix – Romanian Network for Internet eXchange


RIPN Home Page (MSK – IX / M9 – IX / SPB – IX)
Samara IX
SIMIX – Simbirsk Internet Exchange – Ulyanovsk Russia


WorldIX – European Commercial IX (Edinburgih)
ScotIX – Scottish Internet Exchange


Slovak Republic

SIX – Slovak Internet eXchange


Catnix – Catalunya Neutral Internet Exchange
ESPANIX – Spanish Internet Exchange
GALNIX – Galicia Internet eXchange
MAD-IX – Madrid Internet eXchange
Punto Neutro Espa ol de Internet


Linkoping Municple Exchange
NETNOD Internet eXchange
PolarIX (formally LIX)
RIX -GH Gaveleborg Regional Internet Exchange
SOL-IX – Stockholm


CIXP – CERN Exchange for Central Europe
SWISSIX – Swiss Internet Exchange
TIX – Equinix Zurich Exchange



UA-IX – Ukrainain Internet Exchange

Useful European Links

A Portal about European IXP’s

APNIC SIG Link: Feb. 2003

Network Information Centers

DENIC – Deutsches Network Information Center
DKNIC – Danish Network Information Center