Cannabis CAUSES Schizophrenia? Mmmkay…

March 28, 2008

Enjoy… “Reefer Madness” Ahhh….bless this propoganda… Don’t smoke dope, go get pissed and smash some poor passer by in the face, wind up in A&E covered in blood like so many idiots who drink alcohol do…..If you haven’t already, and you are so inclined, do a little research into how drinking alcohol regularly elevates an individuals predisposition to developing a `psychosis` …never mind the multitude of other negative effects on your body. Odd how they never invest so heavily into publicising those studies…instead just flipping it off as something called `binge drinking`….like it’s something apart from drinking!? What a crock of shit. Anyone with any semblance of free thought and intelligence should be able to see through this.

Bottom line – Alcohol does not make you question anything, it just dumbs you down, removes inhibition and mutes creativity and thought processes. Cannabis does just the opposite – it makes you more aware of yourself, makes you think `outside the box`, question things, maybe even making you a little introvert at times, peaceful, thoughtful, considerate. Doesnt fit well with the `fuck you buddy` free market mindset we are supposed to have.  Must buy shit, must be busy, must have stuff to be happy et cetera….. Personally I don’t want shit, other than shelter, access to food or ability to grow/gather and warmth, and maybe some seeds ;)

One of these `drugs` is conducive, or rather not problematic to the kind of society that certain people would like us all to live in. The other is. I’m sure you can work out which is which if you try hard enough.

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