Murdering idiots not on drugs!

March 26, 2008

No, read it again – I’m not suggesting (although when I read stories like this it makes me wonder) that we go mudering idiots who are not `on drugs` however….A wonderful example of some stunningly dumb cunts, but also of how sometimes Cannabis is not responsible for violent crime… Stephen Price, 20, previously admitted murdering 24-year-old Scott Burgess “with a knife in his home in Glen Street, Paisley, between August and September last year”. His 17-year-old partner Karen Duncan admitted culpable homicide, while her sister Irene Duncan, 18, “also admitted attempting to defeat the ends of justice by trying to conceal evidence”. Stephen stabbed Scott approximately 80 times, just to be sure. He then went and took a picture of his work on his mobile phone. What a fucking retard….

 The most shocking thing about all of this to the Courts and police I’m sure, is the fact that the little pricks weren’t stoned! I reiterate, NO CANNABIS HAD BEEN SMOKED. I was under the impression cannabis was THE cause for these kind of frenzied, unpredictable attacks, shit, that’s what the TV and Newspapers keep telling me.

So how could they have commited such a violent and depraved act, I hear you cry. Could it be that ALCOHOL and lack of decent EDUCATION is the real problem here in society? When the will the institutions stop lying to us? If these pricks had been stoned they would probably not have bothered doing any of this. Even the hardest of thinking out there must understand this relatively simple idea.


One Response to “Murdering idiots not on drugs!”

  1. RexM Says:

    I think you might be touching an important subject here. Drugs are getting blamed for a lot of stuff that is wrong with the society, but almost never is the drug the cause. Rather, the drug is the medicine, that helps people endure these wrongs (or that is what they think, a chemichally induced happiness is NOT a replacement for real happiness!).

    When drugs are properly used (yes, they CAN be used, and not only abused, look at i.e alcohol), they add an extra flavour to life.
    When drugs are abused, they become the means of which to endure life.

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