Depleted Uranium and White Phosphorous

March 25, 2008


As used in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other fine theatres of war around the world. Enjoy!

Most official (read for money) sources will tell you all kinds of interesting facts about how DU is not bad for people, and there’s no evidence to suggest this. If we were using Ockhams razor on the `was it the DU which WAS used or was it just blind chance all these people ended up with horrendous mutations` argument, I wonder which would look favourable? Again, pretty much anywhere you look other than DOD or US Military bullshit sources will tell you the same thing. Many eminent professors and scientists believe the effects of DU, when used in the ways it has been (aerosol effect, inhalation), causes grievious harm to humans and subsequent generations.

White Phosporous as used in Fallujah. See if you can find any vids of this particular attrocity still floating around the net. I couldn’t. It seems that any and all sites hosting this content have mysteriously disapeared, or links have gone dead. It was available through but like elsewhere, it has GONE. Almost like some people dont want you to see it. Peserverance though, will probably yield results. Someone will have it somewhere, just not necessarily online. Just scour for Fallujah and white phosphorous. Most of the official lines will talk about it in context of `illuminating` areas. which is interesting, and maybe even partially true. But it’s a bit like saying they use tanks for driving and guns for scaring the enemy. Remember, we modern civilised Westerners dont kill openly endorse killing people in `horrible` ways, we use acceptable, modern, hell you could even say friendly methods. Whatever the fuck that means. Remember the first aim of combat in war is not neccesarily to kill your opponent but to fuck them up sufficiently that they frighten and consume their team mates energies. A dead soldier is not a such a problem to his comrades, and thus  a half alive one begging for help is.


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