Common User Lounge System…

March 25, 2008

… was developed by Advantage System Solutions. So, bilingually speaking, Bottom/arse (Cul) was developed by ASS.  Interesting and purely coincidental I’m sure.

BAA are talking the talk about implementing more of this terrorist biometric shit into T5, claiming it will help stop errorists, or people swapping passports, or some old crock of shit like that. The covenment said something about how it wasn’t them who decided on the way BAA did it, that is up to them, apparently. Nothing to do with them, guv. They have no vested interest in trialling this kind of apparatus of state control do they. No siree. Then again maybe this will bolster their case for the NIR/ID Cards. All the dots are connected if you bother to look.

 Probably worth bearing in mind at this point that BAA isn’t even a British company, it’s about 80% Spanish owned, for the record.


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