Spitzer, shock horror…

March 18, 2008

Why is anyone surprised by this? Shock horror, who would have thought. So the guy’s a massive fucking hypocrite and I certainly hope he now understands what a pious, hypocritical, dumbfuck he is, and that he loses a lot of credibility in the process which he should never have had in the first place. But he’s certainly nothing special. He is just another domesticated primate in between thinking about how `the chair hurts his arse, his next meal  and how he’d quite like to fuck the waitress over there`.

Same thing as Clinton, same thing as almost every other “respectable” male authority figure who’s ever been caught with his cock in his hands (or someone elses). Jumped up monkeys.


Spitzer and Wife. Check out her expression… who’s been a naughty boy ;)

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