Hosting – are FANTASTIC

March 18, 2008

Have been looking for another new web host / domain registraar last few weeks, and have been frustrated by several, and distinctly unimpressed by others. Lunarpages LOOKED promising, but alas despite high hopes I got to the payment phase and the form just didn’t work (kept asking for STATE even though I had supplied it) This kind of thing is critical to clinching a sale, and as such, they lost one. I did try to call as I really liked the look of their packages but when I ended up being put through to some shitty IVR system I lost interest (especially when that ended up dumping me to a voicemail box). I used to use 123-reg but lately they have been pretty shitty too. The telephone support were distinctly unhelpful regarding their unbelievably crappy `web-builder` package, and told me several things were not possible when subsequently I find for myself that they are…also if you change any DNS settings it seems to take FOREVER (days and days) to propogate…

Anyway, bottom line is I have gone with EUKhosts and they not only processed my payment quickly and efficiently but also you get pretty much EVERYTHING in terms of `add-ons` server side which other hosts charge extra for. £28.00 got me  a .com registration and a year of Linux hosting, 24×7 telephone support (Big shout to Zolin @ for being incredibly friendly, helpful and knowledgeable – now about that forum…. ;) )

If you are looking for a host you can do a LOT worse than 


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