Ethereal NSIS issues…

March 17, 2008

UPDATED: Cheers AMIR – Wireshark has superceded Ethereal and is available free from

…I have of late been trying to DL another copy of Ethereal for various projects I am working on. Thing is, just can’t seem to get a version which doesn’t complain on install (via NSIS error) about ;

"The installer you are trying to use is corruted or incomplete. 
This could be the result of a damaged disk, a failed download or a virus."
So anyway after a bit of digging around, it appears Ethereal has been renamed to Wireshark, and though I haven’t looked into it, I’m guessing it’s NOT free, or even shareware – I could be wrong, I will look this evening. Anyway, I think the point I am getting at is that I have  checked Ethereals bug tracking and that hasnt been looked after since the rename to wireshark, and someone has suggested the last time this problem was  reported it was faulty RAM on the DL server – however I have tried many mirrors, from different clients and networks too, and same result every time. Almost seems intentional? OK, so maybe I’ll check  wireshark out. If that proves to be expensive then I shall have to resort to digging through the archives to find my own old copy of Ethereal…ffs…

3 Responses to “Ethereal NSIS issues…”

  1. Amir Says:

    Wireshark is still free and open source. You should download the latest version to get an uncorrupted executable.

  2. fortuzero Says:

    Excellent, thanks for the reminder – busy morning at work for a change ;) Will grab it now… Wonder why the namechange? Did the original dev’s sell it out?

  3. Luke Says:

    Nice entry Fortuzero! I had a similar problem sometime back.

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