Z-day done…

March 16, 2008

A great success by all accounts, in terms of the numbers. 70 Countries 400+ Cities – that’s quite some achievement for a piece of conspiracy theory ;) Seriously, good news, roll on October. As has now been widely agreed amongst those who were sitting on the fence – even if you believe some of the arguments and or sources used are contentious, or worse, dubious, the whole cannot be written off so easily. If this documentary does nothing more, what can be so wrong with making people THINK about the world they live in, and what governments actually do, and who they do it for. The whole democracy thing, along with the multitude of taxes levied upon almost all but the very richest few hundred, the wars, the excuses for wars always seemed fishy to me. I can’t tell you why, when for so many others it seems to make so much sense. I have lived my whole life without giving the slightest credance to any fanciful conspiracy theories , however for me the whole`Orwell`scenario (to use something simple and familiar) is just to stark to ignore these days. It’s not simply that the “strongest” have risen to the top of society, this indeed has been an ongoing goal spanning generations for enlightened secret societies (or rather those who consider themselves to be) and we are worringly close to the technologies being implemented (RFID tagging for people (Think ASBO evolved), the UK NIR, National ID Card) which will help them achieve this one world `vision` and set it in place for a very very long time, and reduce the standards of living for the majority of humanity. That’s before I’ve even touched on the long term “environmental” agenda, and where we, humans, fit into it. At the moment it’s still pretty good for us in the West, broadly speaking. Consider now who “Us” is. I speak from Britain, where I was born, although this applies equally to other countries in Europe and the US too. What makes a “citizen” British? Is it when they walk over a certain line, they feel some lifelong bond with this land and its cultures? Or does this take generations? What we have now, in essence, is a mish mash of cultures, with different ideas and values and, critically, varying levels of feeling of belonging to a country, or rather sense of roots. Is it the people who `make a country` or the geography? I’m going down the route of discussing the apparent errosion of national sovereignty and financially independent coutries, as is clearly seen in the creation of Europe, the EU, the NAU and NAFTA…why is it that still so many people hear “one world government” and find it surprising or exotic or fanciful?) You can’t see a plant grow, but it does. Even if you had the time and inclincation to sit there and watch it eagle eyed for a year, you would not consciously see it move in growth. Like the farmer in the field, one day, the corn is over his head.

Muse on…I’ll get back to this one…

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