Ring tightening security…

March 12, 2008

is taking place around Britain, or so we are reliably informed by the marvelous human being Ms Jacqui Smith, as she announced the addition of 39 new police officers to border patrols.

 “With this crucial police support, alongside tougher checks at our border, and the approaching roll out of ID cards for foreign nationals, there will be a triple ring of security around Britain,” Smith said

It remains to be seen if any number of Ms Smith and cronies fancy `rings of security` will stop the government and its agencies from paying patsies to blow stuff up in the name of going to war and all the spoils which that brings…. Anyone? I just don’t get it. I guess I must be f*cking stupid. All Ms Smith’s rings will do is increasingly restrict the public freedoms. I can’t believe they haven’t thought of this. Oh if only they could see the error of their ways, I’m sure they’d reconsider…

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